Cost of Studying in New Zealand

You must choose an efficient budget plan to save on your expenses while staying and studying in New Zealand. Before you depart for New Zealand, make sure to accommodate yourself with sufficient money to bear up with the expenses, including accommodation, food, travel, health coverage, and tuition fees for the upcoming terms.
The tuition fees depend on the type of your level of studying and the tenure of the program. The fee structure will vary according to the colleges and universities. The approximate expenditure on tuition fees may cost approximately NZ$ 22,000 and NZ$35,000 a year.
The tuition fees for humanities, arts, and education courses are lower than medicine and engineering courses, which are more expensive. The tuition fees at the postgraduate level are considerably higher than at the graduate level. Moreover, MBA programs are the most costly, and the approximate tuition fee is NZ$31,000-50,000.
Here is a list of the programs and the approximate tuition fees for these programs